[sample review] THEFACESHOP's Face It Aura CC Cream in #1 화사한 베이지 (Bright Beige)

Sorry for the lack of pictures, more might or might not be added later!

Got this sample from my August haul and in a shade that I don't really have the confidence to wear: the lightest one. My skin tone isn't exactly dark but definitely not fair either so when I got it in 1# 화사한 베이지 a.k.a Bright Beige (oot but I tried google translating only 화사한 word since 베이지 is obvious and... I was a bit surprised of the result ahaha) I wonder if I could fit into the shade... guess I don't.

One day I wore this to school only to look like a clown omg fortunately I noticed it first and quickly made my way to the bathroom in the morning before the class started, covering my face with a map I brought. After I tried adjusting it though I still looked weird according to my friend when she saw me heol... Doesn't it frustate you when you look just perfect in your room but when you go out it looks different??? Sigh. I hate white cast.

The good things:
  • Doesn't break me out
  • The glow comes out good
  • Not sticky
  • I like the fragrance
  • I believe it's actually a decent product if the shade fits you!!

The not so good things:
  • Got it in a weird shade
  • I prefer my CC cream white with color correcting beads rather than in shades

3.5/5 for me.

Not interested in purchasing except I have the opportunity to try it in the other shade.

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